A busy day. At school by 6:30, but forgot my keys at home. The copier jammed. My photo kids left the darkroom a mess. BUT. Unit writing reflection, and dare I say, I think they understand the relationship between aperture and shutter speed, YES, without even having laid hands on an SLR yet, purely via pinhole cameras and only two weeks in. And YES, I did finally order the rest of the supplies I needed, call Badger welding, enter grades, hang the pattern drawings, finish the Photo Club promo video, and fix the darkroom door. And YES, the unbelievably shy new sixth grader did go home this weekend and create not one but FOUR amazing perspective drawings like we just practiced, but with exploding block letters saying things like “I love art class,” which she folded up and slipped to me like a note. This being the child who started a week and a half into the school year, and chose to sit at the only empty table in my room. The kids at the table next to her (also shy little sweeties) sent an ambassador over to invite her to their table, but she was too embarrassed to move. So I finally gave up on freedom, made a seating chart, and fit her in at the quiet table. And now she’s doing perspective drawings about loving art on the weekend. Political correctness be damned; she’s my new favorite.

So yeah, basically, it was a pretty fantastic day.