Field trip today! I took the photo one-er’s downtown for a photo shoot and a trip to the MMoCA.

It was a remarkably relaxed trip. I say remarkably, because three days ago, I found out some one else was planning a trip to downtown Madison. The President of the freaking United States. Would you believe it? It left me scrambling to change our itinerary, scrap a visit to the Chazen, swap drop off / pick up locations, arrange meet up points in case of cell phone outages (I assumed – and received –  many many calls to the school cell), and schedule double travel times in case of closed roads and traffic jams. Time to bust out the highlighters. In the end, though, it was totally chill. Not nearly as crowded up by the capitol as I had feared, and none of the travel chaos I had planned around. Beautiful weather, a little cool, but with dark skies and bright beams of light like on our wedding day. It threatened rain but never followed through.

Photo Club met after school and practiced some portraiture basics in anticipation of an upcoming community service project. Such sweet kids. We’re growing; up to almost thirty this year. It’s funny to think that four years ago it was just me and four or five little freshmen. Now those girls are seniors, making bank doing senior portraits for their classmates, and teaching my new little freshmen how to follow suit.