My wooden phone case finally bit the dust, so I went off prowling etsy. I liked the idea of a new technology being wrapped in something from the old ways, but the wooden design was inherently flawed. Looked sleek, but wood is weak along the grain, and it was cut from just one piece of wood, rather than built as a box. The thing didn’t stand a chance.

Found this DIY cross stitch case instead! Got one in white for myself and one in black for Mandy. A crafting day is soon to follow, but I couldn’t help myself from getting started.

I based the design on a vintage rug I have in the guest bedroom. I’ve never cross stitched before, but any technique this tedious, tiny and tidy is surely for me. You’ll notice that, yes, I did count and draw exactly 69 x 34 little boxes in my sketchbook to ensure an accurate plan. I’m having a hard time restraining myself from finishing the whole thing right now. Love!