So there’s this game Drew and I like to play: I find something spectacular on craigslist, I convince Drew to get the bakery van and come with me (promising him that this will be quick/easy/fun, but mostly I just need his help carrying the thing), we get on the road to someplace far away, and then I either a) lose the address, b) lose the phone number, c) forget to get cash, or d) all of the above.

Last night would have been an ‘all of the above’ situation, but luckily Drew has suffered through this enough times to make sure I have my phone, that I have the map pulled up before we leave, and that I’ve stopped at an ATM. Still, that left us driving an hour and forty minutes each way and moving a 400lb stove, which did not make him a happy man (I might have implied it would only be an hour’s drive…) But LOOK at what we got!

She is truly the Cadillac of vintage stoves. A 1954 Universal, a wedding gift, used for only two years before the couple moved in with her parents and stashed the stove in the (heated) basement. MINT! Ugh, drool. Yes I am a happy girl.