We still had about a gazillion pumpkins left from our fall party two weekends ago (Drew had the camera at work, so sadly the party went undocumented in this blog), so we busted out the tiny little saws and did some more carving last night. I always forget how cold pumpkin guts are until I’m up to my elbow in them. The good news is, our porch now looks super awesome, and the squirrels are having a field day picking the seeds out of our compost pile.

The two with big holes are Wisconsin and Illinois, courtesy of Chad. Starting to get a little moldy, but I think they’ll survive through Halloween.

In other news, Drew has declared I need to embrace his juicing ways now that I’m taking down vitamins for two. As he declared that, he took a big swig from the bottle and managed to spill beet juice all over his face. My Halloween beet vampire. Yum.