Normally we have a strict no pre-Thanksgiving Christmas decorations rule in this house, and by we, I mean Drew. But it turns out, now that I’m pregnant, all such rules are null and void! And I don’t just mean the decorations.

me: I’m really craving red peppers right now.

Drew: So let’s go get some.

me: But they’re out of season.

Drew: There’s only one season now: baby season.

I am the luckiest lady in the world. I mention tacos, and he’s halfway to El Pastor. Spaghetti, and he’s making fresh noodles. Christmas decorations, and he’s nodding indulgently like it’s December! So here it is, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and I’m decorating already. The first of the Christmas traditions is in place: the tiny village. Mind you, I never thought I was a Christmas village kinda girl, but then I discovered putz houses. Tiny little tag board houses, encrusted in paint and glitter and string beads, with holes in the back for lights. I inherited my Busia’s set, and I love them to death. Really, this is the kind of thing one could lose her head over. They are so perfect and gaudy and tiny.

Next come the lights. Oh, just wait for the lights.