Ok, you’re probably sick of the Christmas posts by now. Well, too bad. It’s either that or Drew and I start contributing to “Awkward Family Photos: Maternity Series” and post nothing but pictures of my stomach for the next six months. I thought not.

This weekend I got my bake on. And then realized that I only have one cookie cutter: a loon. So I made Christmas loons! Yes, you can tell they’re Christmas loons because they’re red and green. Not to be mistaken for Italian loons.






While they were sitting of the counter, waiting for the icing to harden, Drew and I went to go watch Nightmare Before Christmas, which Bunk took as her cue to jump on the counter, walk over afore mentioned cookies, and begin licking said frosting off. This of course sounds somewhat funny to me now, but not so much in the moment. She was promptly put in the basement. Luckily, only a few cookies bit the dust.