It’ll be a white Christmas after all! We are currently enjoying a blizzard and a day off school. It’s a wet, heavy snow, perfect for snowball production but a pain in the patush to shovel. It took me over an hour just to do our small front walk and drive way.

snow_day4 copy

Check out the backyard! We live on a corner; I couldn’t even contemplate shoveling the long side of the house. Luckily, in the hour or so since I’ve been out, a neighbor with a snow blower appears to have come helped.

I love what this does to the atmosphere here. Everyone stumbles out of their houses around nine, shoveling and shooting the shit. Most of my block was digging out this morning, despite the fact that it won’t stop snowing until late tonight. But if you wait too long, you’re done for. People have been stuck on the road, but everyone helps out. I pushed one lady out this morning, then passed two more stuck cars but both already had groups helping. And the older guys on our block seem to race each other to come blow our snow. (It could be that we thank them in cookies.) It’s just sort of heartwarming, seeing everyone jump in.


Maybe later we can build a snowman.