Surely this is every child’s dream. The last two school days before winter break, canceled, due to 18 inches of the best packing snow I’ve ever seen.

It was still coming down late last night. Drew had to shovel twice more, but another neighbor helped us out again with the long side of the house.



We did end up making that snowman. Here’s a horribly blurry shot:


We gave him Drew’s old Phish hat and my two right-handed mittens. It was beautiful out – it thunder-snowed, which I hadn’t seen before. Bright green and blue lightning, just cloud-to-cloud, but it illuminated everything.


And I was glad to have today for last minute Christmas errands and gift wrapping. I have the best present ever for Drew, but I’ll have to wait to share it in case he reads this. In any case, I turned a pile of stuff…


into a pile of Christmas magic! Yes, I really just typed that.