Happy New Year! I hope everyone had as relaxing a holiday as we did. We made the rounds to see both my family and Drew’s, so there was a fair amount of driving, but we had a whole week off, so we got plenty of chill time in both cities. Games, movies, cookie decorating, cooking and eating, and lazy lounging around.



There’s my mom, showing off our cookies. The sexy bikini lady cookie was my work. Yes, those are mint-drop boobies.

And now it’s a new year. Drew and I have only come up with two resolutions so far: to go for at least one good hike a week, and to be more sociable. We’ve both been feeling like we’re not seeing our friends very often; it becomes so tempting to just stay in, cook and watch a movie cuddled under blankets in this cold winter weather.

In any case, resolution one is progressing nicely. We’ve gone snowshoeing two weekends in a row, now. There’s a nature preserve not too far from our house, so we’ve been driving out there. It’s incredible how quiet and untouched the snow is, just a few minutes outside the city.




snow_shoes4 copy




And we share an orange on the way home. This, by the way, is the first food I’d say I’m legit pregnancy craving. I’ve been eating about four a day, and buying bag after bag from the coop. Mmm.