Well, I knew it would get worse before it got better. After all, we’ve been through this before. When we moved into our 110-year-old house two years ago, it was a disaster. I’m talking chunks of plaster falling out of the walls, four colors of shag carpeting that hadn’t been vacuumed since the early 70s, electrical wires duct-taped or stapled along most floor boards and door frames, weird repairs done by nailing scraps of two-by-fours to the walls, just nasty, nasty stuff. Suffice it to say, we got the place CHEAP.

In the end, we had to take the upstairs down to the studs and rebuild. That part we contracted out, but it left an alarming number of exterior walls upstairs (and all walls downstairs) needing to be re-plastered and painted, which I did over the summer. We’re talking three months of this on repeat:

• pry off all weird boards
• hack away at wall until all irreparable plaster has fallen off (leaving huge parts as exposed lathe boards)
• chip out all smaller cracks
• screw the decent-but-loose plaster back into the lathe with special washers
• mix and spread three coats of new plaster
• sand, prime, paint ceiling, paint trim, paint walls
• crumple into a pile and stair admiringly at finished work, avoiding peripheral vision where next room awaits.

Well, August came and went, and I had finished everything except the guest bedroom closet and the project room closet. The obvious solution was to simply close those doors and pretend they didn’t exist.

And now, the project room refuses to be ignored any longer. It’s going to be the nursery. My secret shame must face the light of day.

So it begins. Drew did the prying, hacking, and screwing this time (wow, that sounds violent) and I’ve finished the first coat of plaster. Two more coats, sand and paint, and this will all be over! I will never plaster again! It’s good to be finally getting it done.


closets4 copy



In other news, my cat has become obsessed with peanut butter. I get out the jar (silently) and she instantly comes trotting over from the other side of the house. Today I caved and let her lick the lid from the empty jar. It took her close to an hour, pushing it all across the kitchen. High quality entertainment.