These are the dark days of winter root vegetables. I kid, it’s not so bad when they look like this.

root_veggies_1 copy

OK, I wasn’t really kidding the first time. I actually hate radishes. But my loving husband is of the opinion that I need to eat beautiful, nutritious food whether I like it or not. Ha, poor me. But they’re so bitter!

Spring is coming, though. Pretty soon we’ll be rolling in asparagus! I know, I know, it’s January and this is Wisconsin. But you can feel the tide starting to change – the days are getting longer, and the light is hitting the walls in different spots. It hits the curtain on the front door in the late afternoon, so when I get home it looks like someone’s got a light on in the front hallway. Pretty soon we’ll pull out the seed catalogs, and the ground will thaw and everything will smell like mud, and it’ll make me want to get my hands in it. By then I’ll probably be too big to do any proper digging, but I can supervise.

Speaking of getting big, it’s really begun. I’m now round enough that people who don’t already know are asking me if I’m pregnant, and you know that takes a certain degree of confidence – no one wants you to answer ‘no’ in those situations. So I think a maternity series might actually be in order. Just a once-a-week thing, something alá pacing the panic room. I’m torn between using the lighting studio at the high school (which would mean my co-worker doing the photography) or something more casual here at the house (inferior lighting, but my husband would be the one taking the pics. There’s something nice about that.) We’ll see. But I’ve vowed to myself to begin asap.

Can I now take a moment to whine about the fact that my nipples itch like crazy? Sorry, done. Done.