When I was first attempting to seduce Drew, I offered to fix his mittens. No, that’s not a euphemism. I was room-spinning drunk on my crush for him, and his mittens were falling apart, so I convinced him to leave them with me and I spent probably three hours stitching in a new fleece lining, reattaching the leather on the palms, and patching up all of the worn-through wool, all the while listening to Iron and Wine and dreaming of having his babies. Ah, new love.

Well, Kate came over yesterday with both good news about her own love life and really depressing news about a mutual acquaintance’s marriage. And long story short, it made me really want to do something nice for Drew, like I used to, to surprise him. So I stole his pants while he was napping. I patched all the holes, reinforced the seams, and replaced the hole-y pockets. It felt really good.


mending2 copy



Ok, as for the embroidery, I had some gold thread and I just couldn’t resist. I was pretty much laughing out loud as I stitched it.