Today is another snow day. Our fourth this year – I’m getting a little nervous they might need to extend the school year into the summer. That would be a bummer, indeed.

But it’s nice to have the day free, I have to admit. Project of the day: make way for seedlings! We’ve experimented with several seed starting set-ups, but I think this year we’ve finally got it down. Our first try was in the apartment on Franklin. Drew built these beautiful boxes to fit the windows there, but we had a disastrous first round (one of the brackets broke from the wall at night. The box fell to the floor and all the little tomatoes bit the dust. I still remember Drew waking up and moaning, “the babies!!!”) We did eventually end up with some beautiful plants, though. Here, I have a video.

The problem with those was that the boxes were so heavy, when it came time to harden the seedlings off and we had to haul the things up and down three flights of stairs (it was an attic apartment) I wasn’t strong enough to do it. At least not if the soil was wet. No bueno.

The other problem was it was a bit too cold near the windows. Oh, and also the boxes weren’t waterproof, so we had to water in tiny increments (usually with a spray bottle, spritzing until our fingers fell off). Anyways, this year we decided to build shelves and to use the standard flat tray plus seedling plugs, with heating pads underneath. Those goodies are all in the mail, but today at least I built the shelves.


shelves4 copy




… and after:


Subtle, huh? I still need to paint them, but I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.

Next steps: hang the lights, set up the heating mats, and plant! It does my heart good to get ready for spring.