Saturday was my ultimate crazy day: teaching Saturday enrichment all day, running to Camera Co. to pick up our flash rentals, and then getting to the high school just barely in time to set up before hundreds of small girls stampeded the gym for the annual Father Daughter dance (which Photo Club documents, prom style). I was there until almost 11pm (yuck) but brace yourself for adorable: over 200 little girls with their dads, all dressed up and boogying down.


f_d_dance3_3 copy


We set up the studio lights and a gold tinsel backdrop for the formal shots – I think I was more excited than any of the children for our gold tinsel backdrop. Shiny!

May I just say, my club kids are so awesome. Worked it like pros. I’m so proud of them.

f_d_dance1 copy


f_d_dance3 copy



Gotta love the dad getting the pic on his iPhone, thumbs up. Too cute.