I’ve been putting together a registry on Amazon, which sounds like clickey add-to-cart heaven, but has actually been a little overwhelming. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent reading reviews and pro/con lists of cloth diapering systems in the last three weeks. But I think I’m done. Today I stopped by a cloth diapering store and got to talk to a few moms, and I’m totally sold on Best Bottoms, which I was mostly sold on before I stopped by.


I brought one home for Drew to practice with. Basically, it’s a cute cover with inserts that snap in. When changing, only the insert needs to be replaced; that cover can just be wiped clean as long as it doesn’t get poo on it. And it’s one size fits all, adjustable with snaps from newborn to toddler.

Other than a load of laundry every day or two, it really shouldn’t be much different from using disposables. Everyone I’ve talked to has said they were freaked out by the idea of cloth diapers until they actually started using them, and then they were shocked by how common sense it is. Here’s hoping that holds true.

Now on to the fun registry items. Like these. Wow.