Sometimes I step back and look at my life and just can’t believe how insanely lucky I am. Like, how did I end up married to someone who cooks like this every night?


dinner2 copy



dinner7 copy


Homemade egg noodles with broccoli, fennel, kale, cream, and ricotta. A little parmesan on top, and some fake bubbly for me. Yum.

Bunk just about went crazy for those noodles. We hang them on a poster tube to dry, and I dropped a few while spreading them out. She hoovered them down faster than you could believe, and having gotten a taste, was determined to jump onto the bar stool and take down some more. I had to put her in the basement; there was no other way to keep her out of there. Sometimes I question whether she’s actually a cat or a very small, pointy eared dog.