This cat… I swear. She is not normal.

I hit ‘publish’ on my last post, having finished reflecting on Bunk’s strange eating habits, and went to the kitchen to get a snack, only to discover Bunk with the same idea. Drew brought home two slices of apple tart and left them in a bag on the counter. She chewed through the bag and ate all the apple slices and pastry cream from the tart she could reach.

bunk_exploits2 copy

I shouldn’t be surprised; we know better by now. Last weekend when I was clearing out the fridge (the new one came on Saturday morning) I had groceries piled all over the island. While my back was turned, Bunk managed to hop up, stealth mode style, and eat a quarter block of provolone (including the plastic) before I noticed her. She will eat anything.

Mostly I’m just pissed at the loss of my tart. You don’t mess with a pregnant lady’s tart.