I always used to assume that I’d start craving meat again once pregnant. As Molly pointed out, that’s probably just an idea I absorbed from watching Friends (the baby wants a burger). But surprisingly, (or not?,) meat sounds even less appetizing now than it did 14 years ago when I stopped eating it.

Mostly I give Drew credit for that, as he’s the one who saved me from such college staples as bread dipped in cottage cheese and spaghetti sauce, and keeps me eating nutritious dinners every night. I’m sure I’d have more cravings if I was solely responsible for feeding myself.

In any case, having already shared a few of Drew’s dinners, I thought I start documenting some of my other favorite foods that are getting me through the day. Some simple vegetarian snacks that even I don’t mind preparing.


Bananas with almond butter (also a favorite of Bunk’s)


Cereal with fresh fruit


Whole wheat baguette with salted avocado


Scrambled eggs and provolone on baguette with grapes


Sesame fennel toast with almond butter and Molly’s homemade preserves


Orange, dried dates, and aged goat cheese. Yum.

That plus a smoothie a day at work has kept me feeling pretty good. Maybe I can be taught.