While I’m at it, here’s my other project of the weekend: making the new nursery rug.

I’ve knew I wanted something bold and clean for the baby; bright colors, with lots of contrast. Something with a geometric pattern. I’m really liking the Scandinavian designs I keep seeing, like this little fort from Lucky Boy Sunday, or this blanket by Tina Ratzer.


But I wasn’t finding anything like that in my price range, so I ordered carpet tiles from FLOR to make my own with. Honestly, the hardest part was being bent over to cut them. This belly o’ mine is starting to become a nuisance.





It’s funny, the triangles look so small in these photos, but to put it in perspective, the floorboards are 5″ wide. Total, it’s a little larger than the 4’x6′ rugs I was looking at.

I haven’t adhered it with the dots yet; I’m still playing with the pattern. Right now the top looks a little busy to me, compared with the bottom. I’m super happy with it, though. Should be perfect for tummy time and rolling. And I have some extra triangles, in case we need to swap out sections because of spills or stains. Ha, starting to think in terms of baby-proofing. This is what the future looks like.