At last, at last, the closets are done. Thank God. Emptied, torn apart, plastered, sanded, primed, and painted. It took us two months, but they’re done.



They look so insignificant in these photos, but they were my secret shame for two years. Every time we had guests, I just hoped they wouldn’t open the closet door.

I didn’t take any ‘before’ shots, but to give you an idea of how bad they were, this is what the whole house was like when we moved in. Basically, the closets still looked like this.



pre_remodel_2 copy

We tried just about every plaster compound known to man before discovering Quickset. That pink stuff was some of the worst. Took forever to dry, difficult to smooth, and it bubbled! Yuck. And here’s when I had lofty dreams of stripping all the wood trim. I got those two pillars mostly stripped and spent the next 24 hours puking, I assume from the fumes. Never again.



And poor Bunk just lived in filth for six months. I hate to think of what she must have ingested just from cleaning herself, with all that dust floating around the house.

So my joy now is not just because the closets are done; it’s that all the plastering is done. Two years from move in. I will never plaster again. Granted, we still plan to rehab the kitchen, but that’s nothing compared to all this.

Done, done, done! Woo hoo!