Drew and I are headed to his cousin’s wedding this weekend, so I finished my gift shopping yesterday. I’d already bought a Le Creuset dish they had on their registry, but I wanted something a little more personal to go with it. Molly had the excellent idea of including a handwritten recipe and some nice ingredients, so with mushroom risotto in mind, I picked up some arborio rice, truffle oil, and dried porcini mushrooms. Got the whole thing packaged and waiting to wrap.

Well, I was stupid. I totally underestimated the desire of my cat/dog/starving hippo pet to consume everything in her path. Granted, the box was only folded shut, not taped, but I really thought dried, bagged, bubble-wrapped, and cardboard packed foodstuffs would be safe. Wrong.

Drew had the remains of the mushrooms and mushroom bag cleaned up before I thought to grab the camera, but check out what she went through to get them. She is a beast. How did she even smell that?



That was bubble wrap once. Now it’s just flat, perforated plastic. Oh, Bunk.