It’s snowing again, but I don’t mind. This weekend we got enough sunshine to see me through until Wisconsin thaws. It was wonderful. Upper 70s / lower 80s the whole weekend, sunny and gentle. Mmm.

We flew down Friday morning. Mexican food and pool lounging ensued. The rehearsal dinner was that night at the Reunion Tower – a massive building whose bottom forty stories or so  appear to serve no purpose other than elevating the slowly spinning top few floors. Excessive, yes, but I have to admit the view was pretty cool.


The next morning Drew and I went to the Nasher Sculpture Center and shot some photos in memory of Papa (he did some hilarious poses there just a year or two before he passed. The man never lost his sense of humor.)


nasher2 copy



And then Saturday night was Taylor and Nicole’s wedding. It was really beautiful, set in the arboretum with the ceremony taking place right at sunset.



stark_wedding_2 copy



You can see in that last shot, Jill’s ready for the dance floor. Drew’s siblings are hilarious dancers – we were at it until they closed down. I can’t wait to see the professional photos.

So, a little pink on the shoulders but fully recharged on vitamin D, today we forged through the snow still smiling. Good times.