It’s always exciting when the Seed Savers packages arrive. That part actually happened a couple weeks ago, but it seemed like jumping the gun to plant so early. We held our horses until this week. Plus, it took me that long to figure out a way to get all the heat mats and lights plugged in without a gazillion cords showing.


planting3 copy



Drew made his seedling starter mix again. Two years ago I convinced him it’d be fine to use the potting soil we already had at the house. The seedlings ended up fried; too much fertilizer. Now he doesn’t even trust the seed starter mixes. He makes his own with screened compost, vermiculite, perlite, peat moss, and coir. It does work really well – last year was probably our best batch of babies yet. Fingers crossed for this year’s.


Some cords on the sides, but I can live with that. Grow, little babies!