Well, it’s officially spring break and my to do list is a mile long, but I’m actually really excited to get a lot of these projects done. The biggest one is to finish planning the changes we want to make in the kitchen/back room. We’re on what I thought was a generous budget ($10k to redo them both) but it turns out that’s actually a really tight budget considering what we want done. Whoops.

So we crossed a few things off the list (new cabinets, a hood vent), nailed down our priorities (new appliances, butcher block counters, open up the wall between the rooms, and radiant heat in the family room), and are rethinking some aspects (instead of water radiant heat, electric radiant heat in what will be the family room, installed by Drew and I and just finished by an electrician. Also, paint the lower cabinets, and build our own uppers.) And I’ve been scavenging appliances off craigslist for over a year now (remember when I dragged Drew’s ass to Oconomowoc for our new stove?) so that should help keep costs down as well. But it’ll be close.

The hardest part of staying on budget will probably be dealing with the cabinets. Right not they are a very 90s, dark stained oak. And by oak I mean oak doors, particle board everything else. We want to replace the uppers at least. If we can settle on a design asap, I think I can get them built this week (it’s really only two 48″ boxes). It would help to have a table saw with a dado kit, but I think I can get it done with our circular saw and the chop saw. I can always drive things to the high school if I need to.

Here’s a photoshopped rendition of our tentative plan:


We’re looking for lighter and brighter. Excuse the mess in the first image; I shot it in the middle of dinner prep. But that looks pretty do-able, doesn’t it? Yay for nesting!