Spring break seemed to get away from me. The kitchen is a mess; everything is half done, or less than half, and I’m back at work so it’ll be that way for a while. But it feels really good to come home and paint, or scrub, or organize, and to see the light pouring in at that spring angle. Just the little that we’ve finished already has the space feeling brighter and more open. I’m saving most of the photos for a final reveal, but here are some other shots from around the house lately. See what I mean about spring? It may be below freezing, but it’s definitely here.



The brooder is ready and waiting for chicks.


Bittersweetness for Bunk: she finally has access to that holy grail: the place where the cat food comes from, but there’s nothing there. Only smells.


The orchid’s rebloomed, after two years of utter neglect. And I had to buy daffodils. Because this house is lacking in color, right?

aroundthehouse4 copy


Look at that light. I love it.