This past weekend Drew’s mom threw us a baby shower. It was great; pretty much the whole family together (all Drew’s sibs, most of his extended family, my mom, aunt, and Molly, plus friends), and adorable baby stuff overload. My unborn child has more clothes than I do, already. Seriously.

Beth really outdid herself with decorations. Farm theme: this child will grow up in the dirt. I didn’t get photos of everything, but to give you an idea:






And yep, that’s a cloth diaper cake, and a pile of inserts in my lap. This little lady can poop away; I’m ready for it.

The rest of the week has been pretty insane, though. Between third quarter grades, curriculum renewal and IEP meetings, driving out to Park to start planning for next year, and a new batch of sixth graders, I’ve been putting in 12 hour days and collapsing when I get home. Didn’t manage to document week 28 at all. I’m counting myself lucky to be typing right now.

The end is in sight, though. Not that the rest of the year will be easy, but it shouldn’t be this chaotic, either. Two months to get things planned and done before June comes and everything changes.