It’s been so rainy and busy we’ve been putting this off, but the last day of week 29 is today, and the drizzle stopped just long enough for us to snap some picks. Despite the ugly backdrop, Drew and I are all smiles today. Just a good get-shit-done day. Bills paid, desk cleared, and Drew’s finishing painting the lower cabinets right now. Did I mention that the stove and sink went in this week? I’m tempted to share photos, but the kitchen is so torn apart, it makes sense to wait.


week29_1 copy

Notice Bunk chilling on the compost pile? Ha. She knows where to find the voles. Smart girl.

And the little missus continues to grow and kick. Said Drew today: “Maybe she’ll be a total daddy’s girl and love everything I love.” Maybe, baby. I said I hoped she be a tough girl, like me. “You’re not actually that tough,” says my loving husband. He’s wrong.

Who knows. Maybe she’ll want to do ballet and we’ll both be shocked.