Another day painting.



Just put the final coat on the doors, which means we’ll be able to hang them tomorrow. I found these little jadeite knobs online which should arrive this week, and then the lowers will officially be done. Three trips to St. Vinny’s later, and the uppers are empty and waiting for removal. And I even got the closet organized: new shelf, mop and broom hangers, the works. So, progress. But slow progress. It’s been getting hard to breath; I have to sit down every half hour or so. Lame.

And we have an official arrival date for the chicks: May 9th. I can’t wait. I was finally able to find a local feed and seed store that could order them, bantam sized and in all the breeds I want. We’ll have a little flock of five. Brace yourself: outrageously adorable photos sure to follow.