Well, I finally got all the broken window screens fixed, and just in time. Today’s in the 60s! Every window is open, and we even got the sliding screen door fixed. Bunk chewed a hole through it last year in a mad quest for freedom, which actually turned out to be really convenient. We just closed the glass door when we wanted her in. It looked pretty ghetto though. This time, we went with metal screen and a little cat door, which my smart little hippo picked up on right away, when trained with kibble.


The back of the house is overflowing with unwanted appliances, dismantled counters, pieces of new cabinetry, dust and drop-cloths, but the bit we’ve finished is looking really good. Even with the mess, it sort of glows in the evening light. It reminds me of the house on 6th street, except there it was early fall mornings where the light came streaming down the length of the house.


The seedlings are well on their way. We planted a second rotation of frisée (Molly’s favorite green – we’ll definitely have enough to share) and if it stays this nice, we might be able to get them in the ground soon.


dailylife2 copy

The first farmer’s market was this weekend, and I got to go as a shopper! Suddenly I kind of love being pregnant. I brought poor frozen Drew some soup and made the rounds (unfortunately forgot my camera, though.) Snug Haven had their frost sweetened spinach, which we’ve been eating raw by the handful.



And Drew is currently making miche-balls. Always hunting for ways to use up the day-old bread. I think it multiplies in the bread box.