I’m still getting used to this new luxury of being able to attend the farmer’s market as a shopper. My new routine is to stop by the bakery, hang with Molly a little bit, pick up some food for Drew and the new girl, Emily, and to head down to the square taking my own sweet time. The weather was fantastic last week, although you wouldn’t know it from the light. But warm. No coats. What an incredible thing, not to wear a coat after this never-ending winter.



market_day1 copy



Not too much produce out yet, but I did get ramps this week. Other than that, mostly greens, mushrooms, canned goods, bakery items, and potted plants. I can’t wait for the asparagus.

I won’t be at market this week, though. Sad news. Kate’s dad passed away on Tuesday, so I’m in Sheboygan now for the funeral. It’s been really nice to see her family again, but it’s awful that it’s under these circumstances. Her dad was just one of those people that blew you away with how nice they are. I know that sounds totally generic, but if you knew him, you’d understand. Rosy cheeked, blanketing the house in Christmas lights and  flashing fiber optics, always leaving the front door unlocked, grilling out, golfing, camping, staying up late, sitting around the kitchen drinking coco or coffee… Kate’s mom and dad were like another set of parents to me in high school. They’re just the epitome of Sheboygan-style hospitality: really kind, loving people. Good people. He’ll be missed.

My mom’s throwing a baby shower for Drew and I on Saturday. It’s funny how these celebrations of new life seem to overlap with celebration of lives lived. Cyclical.