Well, we couldn’t have had a more beautiful day for my mom’s shower. I spent a good chunk of the morning napping on the lawn, alternately cuddling with or calling for Bryn, who was torn between his boundless desire for affection and his need to herd the neighborhood lawnmowers. I could just drink in this 70 degree weather, now that it’s here.

It was a small gathering: mostly relatives and a few family friends. We enjoyed a lazy morning, ran some errands, and then my dad and uncle manned the grill while my mom and Molly put out a serious spread of food, including a beautiful three layer cake, because that’s how Molly rolls. You should have heard my mother squeal when Cubby headed out towards her just-now-blooming garden with a pair of scissors. But when Molly’s cakes need some flowers, they get some flowers. You just can’t argue.

Altogether, it was just a really nice afternoon of eating, chatting, and presents. A girl could get used to this.



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