I think we’re over the hump with the chicks. They’re growing like weeds – and yes, I realize they’ve been here less than a week, but really, it’s visible. I had to move them out to the coop again; the brooder was just getting too cramped. Luckily the nights have been in the 60s, so they’re not freezing their little patushes. We did get another heat lamp though, just in case.


Our struggles with pasty butt continue, though. I’ve been looking for a dietary solution, because the ones that keep getting it are starting to fear my hand. It’s no fun to be picked up and butt scrubbed.

I heard feeding them hard boiled egg would help. I know, I know… it sounds cannibalistic. It kind of is. Except it’s not like the eggs are fertilized or anything. Still, it freaked me out too, but desperate times, desperate measures and all that. Besides, they go crazy for it. They turn into little velociraptors. It’s the only chance I have at establishing a positive association between them and my hand.


The Barred Plymouth Rocks are the smartest. The other chicks grab a piece and run around the coop like crazy, trying to protect their booty, but the Barred Rocks stay calm, jump up onto my hand, and just wolf down as much as they can before the other chicks come back.



And then there’s Mo. I’m almost sure he’s a roo, which is a shame, because he’s totally my favorite. He just picks the egg crumbles out of my finger nails. He’s definitely the alpha, and is already a good third larger than any of the others. He’s the only one we named; I just couldn’t resist. Drew wanted to call him Fur Trader, because he looks like he’s wearing a little fur vest. Sorry Drew, but that’s the lamest name ever. He’s Mo.

Anyways, after all the egg excitement, they all fall asleep, every time. In a big pile. Their little heads just dip, and dip, and droop, and they flop on each other in a big fluff pile. It’s the cutest freaking thing you’ll ever see.



Anyways, you’re probably tired of all the chick talk. Bunk certainly is, poor thing. She really doesn’t know what she’s in for, what with an actual human baby on the way.


In other news, Drew finished the veggie beds, and they look awesome. A little non-level (Larry called them Gaudi-esque) but sturdy and tidy and huge – each one twenty feet long. He planted most of the veggies we started, too, and laid down some new seed. Gave the lawn mower an oil change and decapitated all the dandelions. The outside’s coming along.

2013_05_168 copy

And last but not least, Molly and the bakery staff and friends threw us a baby shower yesterday. It was really sweet. I was apprehensive about it when Molly told me, because I didn’t want anyone feeling obligated to come or to bring anything, with Drew being the boss, but it wasn’t like that at all. We’re insanely lucky. The bakery crew really is another family. I was gabbing and eating too much to think to bust out my camera, but it was awesome.