Although this is our second year growing rhubarb, we haven’t made much use of it. We don’t actually do much baking at home – go figure. But last week Sarah hosted a potluck (an awesome time), and Drew harvested some for a rhubarb spritzer, which turned out great. I documented and tasted, of course.



This shot is just Drew composting the leaves, but I had to include it to show how much better the back is looking, despite all the work we still need to do. My dear, sweet husband spent hours cutting up the removed underfloor, plywood, and drywall scraps from the remodel, fit it all into two garbage cans, and cleaned off the patio. I love that man.



rhubarb6 copy

The rhubarb got a quick rinse, a chopping, and a long simmer with a cup of honey, some water, and Bunk’s careful supervision.


We strained it, which yielded syrup for the spritzer and mashed, sweetened rhubarb for my morning toast.

rhubarb9 copy

Mix with a liter of club soda or tonic, and serve with lime and booze of your choice (I drank it as was, but Drew served it as a modified gin and tonic). Easy and delicious.