Ok, I know I’ve got another month or more to wait before these are in season here, but I couldn’t help myself.


Treats for mama…


…and treats for the chicks.


Initially they didn’t seem to understand that this was food, despite what I’ve read about chickens going crazy for watermelon. I had to break it up into little pieces and offer it to them from my hand – something they’re trained to do, but that I’ve been avoiding. Now that they’re bigger they get so excited, a lot of the time they miss the food and nip me instead.treats5


treats6 copy

They figured it out after a while. Little cuties.

The flock will be getting smaller soon. I’m pretty confident about which ones are the roos – we ended up with an even split, five and five. Luckily at least one of each breed was a hen, and two of my favorite: the Easter Eggers. Hopefully my boys will be off to their new home in the next day or two. The coop is getting a little cramped.

And my little Bunk-a-lunk has been a serious sweetie of late. It seems like she knows a change is a’comin. She just follows me around and sits by my feet most of the day.

Ha, I just realized that soon females will outnumber males in the house eight to one. Poor Drew.