Juniper Althea Hutchison. She came on Friday: a solstice baby. I really think she must be the most perfect baby that’s ever been born.

meet_juniper1 copy


meet_juniper2_1 copy


meet_juniper2_4 copy

Labor was… well, pretty brutal. Everything went as well as it possibly could have – only twelve hours, baby under 7 pounds, correct positioning, and we were able to follow our birth plan (no drugs or medical interventions). But, damn. I’m going to need to develop some serious amnesia before that sounds like a good idea again.

Molly was at the hospital within twenty minutes of Junip’s big entrance, and both grandmas have been here, cuddling and cooing. We’re at home now, and settling in quite nicely. She hardly cries at all, just sleeps most of the time. Mercifully, she’s only been waking up two or three times a night. A diaper change and a good feeding knocks her out again. It’s been really peaceful around here.

Little Junebug. She gets sweeter and cuter every day.