She’s been easy on us so far. A little cluster feeding last night, which was only frustrating because we didn’t recognize her discontent as hunger, and Drew spent a good chunk of time trying to comfort her before realizing she just wanted more milk. But man, she is just incredibly sweet and content. She’s not awake very often, so we’ve been trying to get in our play time with her in between diaper changes and nursing, when she’s most alert. There’s nothing like seeing this little peanut and her daddy play.



Today we went for our first long-ish (it’s all relative) walk, to Olbrich Gardens, which, yes, is only three blocks from our house. There are some adirondack chairs there, hidden in an area of grasses and coneflowers, that Drew and I enjoy pretending is our backyard. Last summer we’d walk there with cocktails disguised in water bottles. This morning was a little more family friendly.


first_days4 copy



I just don’t have the words to explain how great this little peanut is.