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It’s been pretty chill around here lately. Actually I can’t believe how quickly time seems to be passing; tomorrow Junip will be two weeks old already. It’s been 14 quiet, lazy days. Normally that would make me a little crazy, but right now healing and baby holding feels like enough to do.

I did manage to be a little productive yesterday, though.

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Got the pot rack hung, filling the void between kitchen doorway and fridge. It looks pretty awesome – the maple matches the counters perfectly.

We also had another visitor yesterday.



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I have no idea how he got in. It’s possible Bunk brought him inside for a treat and then changed her mind, but that seems unlikely, as he was totally unscathed. In any case, he made a mad dash for the shoe rack when I got in his face with the camera, and Drew escorted him back outside.

And speaking of animals, the roos have found their forever home. A grandmotherly woman with a thick German accent sounded absolutely¬† ecstatic explaining to me that she’d just learned the town of Fitchburg allows homeowners to keep goats, cows, and up to 25 chickens. They recently moved up from Chicago and it sounds like visions of country life have been dancing in her head for a while. I hope she knows what she’s getting into… their house was in a subdivision. But what can I say: my boys needed a new home, and I couldn’t resist “Ohh yah, I vant all five, bless you!”

Not much else to report. The garden’s growing like crazy, so Drew’s been coming up with new ways to use the greens (lentil salad, potato salad, salad salads, etc.) and it looks like soon we’ll have tomatoes! The juneberries are almost done, and the garlic plants have sent up their scapes. I love summer.

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