We had a good one this year. On Wednesday we went to Governor Nelson State Park to get the Rhythm and Booms experience from a distance (Madison’s big fireworks with music extravaganza – staged on the opposite side of the lake). Junip was a perfect trooper: she woke up an hour before we headed out, had a good meal and a diaper change, and then slept for the next four hours. Which gave me this amazing moment while the boys were off throwing the frisbee and our other friends had yet to arrive:


Wearing a sleeping baby, drinking a really good microbrew, breathing fresh lake air, and holding down the fort. I made Drew take a picture with his phone when he got back. You just don’t get many moments quite that perfect.

For the Fourth of July actual we had a bonfire with Chad. First of the season.


fourth_of_july2 copy


Call me crazy,  but these two experiences have me thinking camping with the Junebug might be doable. Some place close to home, so we can abandon ship at 2am if need be, and where we hopefully wouldn’t disturb too many other campers. But it’s just been great having her out, packing a picnic, and enjoying the weather. We’ll see.

I hope you all had a great Fourth, too.