We’ve been doing a lot of discing, lately. And by we I mean Drew. With the Nipper and I supervising.


disc2_3 copy



disc2_1 copy


Tuesday’s ultimate game was at this same field, but I didn’t remember my camera. These photos are from three weeks ago – the night I went into labor, actually. I started having contractions at the game, but they tapered off that night, and started again at 4 the next morning. Thus one final baby bump shot in the mix.

That last photo is Drew about to catch the winning point, which coincidentally he also did at Tuesday’s game. My presence seems to be auspicious: those are the only two games his team has won this season, and the only two I’ve attended. Whoops.



disc_4 copy


disc_6 copy


Yesterday we went out with Chad to the new disc golf course. They threw; I wore the baby and walked the course with them. Gorgeous out there. Now I just need to find a used jogging stroller so I can throw, too.