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One of the best things about Madison in the summer is all the street fairs. Last weekend was the Féte, and it didn’t disappoint. Gorgeous weather, great street food, awesome music, and ice cream to boot. I kept Junip’s ears plugged throughout the show, fearing for her tiny little eardrums, but she slept through it like a champ.

It’s been a busy week since then, thus these photos being posted a bit late. My mom came down and we spent a few days in my new classroom, alternating between holding the baby and sorting through mountains of crap. I fear I might be missing some crucial elementary-art-teacher gene, given that I do not see any reason to pack a supply closet and endless cabinets with things like used tooling foil, every piece of cardboard ever created, or garbage bags of tiny fabric scraps. We made it through the closet and five large shelving units, but another shelf and a whole wall of cabinets await. Junip didn’t fuss, but would not tolerate being set down, either, so only one of us was able to work at a time. Still, we got a lot done, and it feels like I have a grip on the upcoming school year.


No one holds a baby quite like a grandma.