… already. Holy cow.


Her personality is beginning to emerge, for sure. Recent milestones include holding her head upright for extended periods of time, learning to accept the nuk, and learning to fart. You might be thinking that farting is not something one needs to learn, but in fact if one has not learned this skill, one is left screaming in panic and discomfort until the fart comes out on its own. Not cool.

I definitely have days where I start to feel crazy, realizing that all I’ve done in the last 24 hours is hold this child and sit. Days when Drew is working 12 plus hours and trying to get some sleep when he is home. When Juniper won’t tolerate her swing or even the baby K’tan, sensing that she doesn’t have my undivided attention (aka, both arms being used to hold her). As I type this I’m slumped back in my chair, balancing her on my chest so I can peck at the keyboard single handedly.


But all in all, being a mom rocks. She is so sweet and soft and perfect. She smiles, and you forget that a minute ago she was screaming and you wanted to join her. This little peanut makes my heart explode over and over again.

Love you, Junebug.