Drew and I celebrated our third anniversary yesterday. In the past we’ve planned a trip rather than doing presents. This time we stayed closer to home, but made a day of it.

We started out by taking Junip on her first trip to the zoo.

anniversary07 copy




anniversary03 copy


We had a lazy afternoon at the house with some cuddle time in the new hammock.

anniversary11 copy

And then Momo (formerly known as Molly – Auntie Molly just wasn’t doing it for her) came over to babysit so Drew and I could have a nice dinner out. Having your sister as your first babysitter is totally the way to do it; I feel like every time I hear people talk about leaving the kiddo for the first time, it’s a scary thing. I just felt relieved and a little guilty, because Junip was having a major fuss fest right before we left. But I certainly wasn’t worried.

She took our photo before we headed out, because, awesome news!, our kitchen is going to be featured on RetroRenovation! I’m super excited, and will definitely post a link when it gets published.

anniversary13 copy

And dinner was fantastic. We went to Pig in a Fur Coat; Drew knows the chef, Dan, and had asked him to do some special vegetarian plates for me (as the name implies, the menu is heavy on rich meats). We ended up doing five courses, with Dan coming up with new plates just based on what he had fresh in the kitchen. Always fun to get the special treatment. We left totally sated; sort of waddled our way back to the car.

All in all, a fantastic day to celebrate a fantastic three years (or seven, really. Three since the wedding.) Happy anniversary, babe!