I’ve got to say, it’s pretty awesome staying in a house that’s literally on the lake. We certainly spent the last week taking advantage of it.

First of all, Beth bought this for the kids, but Reid was the only one I saw try to tame the horse. It must have taken him ten minutes to get upright on the thing; I was laughing so hard I nearly peed myself.


He redeemed himself on the tube and wakeboard, though.



Andy had some pretty serious moves, too. At one point he commandeered Jill’s vessel.




With their expressions in that last shot, Lindsay was saying they looked like Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in ‘Knight and Day’.

Anna definitely got a little braver this time. She was all about tubing with her uncles, and even took a spin on the kneeboard, just lying down, but enough to get a feel for the balance.



I didn’t get any skiing or wakeboard shots, but there was a lot of that too. And of course the water trampoline – perfect place to play Monster. Mostly I just lazed about on the dock. Managed to seriously sunburn my right knee of all things, but it felt soooo good while I was out there.

I’m really going to miss this summer when it’s over.