So it turns out it’s kinda hard to keep a blog updated when you’re a working mom. I guess no surprise there.

Anyway, on my mind are some moments from this week I’d like to remember:

Juniper fell asleep nursing, and since her dad was upstairs napping too, I carried her up and we curled into a little spoon next to him. She was out, but Junip’s mouth kept twitching into a smile.

One of my second grade classes was happily working on their first art project of the year, but I noticed one boy hadn’t started. I asked if he had any questions and he told me through gritted teeth, “I’m MAD we have a new ART TEACHER and I’m MAD that the ROOM’S DIFFERENT and I’m MAD that I have to DO THIS.” His little body was shaking, he was so upset. I took a deep breath and asked him in my quietest voice, “How about we try the first part together?” …At the end of the hour he showed me his finished project and hugged me twice. Talk about an emotional little guy.

I warned my kindergarteners that the supplies might call to them, enticing them to pick them up and play with them before we were ready. One little girl looked at me gravely and whispered, “I think I hear them.”

Four of our five hens had wandered back into the run, so Drew went to herd the last one in and close the coop for the night. While he was after her, two more hens popped back out and ran to her side. Drew shrugged and decided to come back later; wrangling three hens is a pain, and embarrassing if the neighbors are watching. As he walked away, then hens charged him, like, “Yeah, and stay out, bitch!” Well, this was too much for Drew’s pride. He turned and charged them back, waving his arms and yelling, “Ugga bugga boo!” and the ladies all fled, running right back into the coop. Drew chest pumped and declared himself man of the house.

The very same third grader who had moments before been squeaking his shoes, interrupting me, and making potty jokes about Mondrian (because Piet sounds like pee, get it?), asked me if he could keep the pattern resource sheet I’d made for his class’s zentangle name project. When I said yes, he made me guess what he was going to do with it.¬† The correct answer was, laminate it, use a three hole punch, and put it in his special art binder. Wow.

Last night we went to the Malt House for a beer and had some Banzo delivered (they don’t have food, but you can order out). I was wearing Junip in the K’tan, and being the graceful woman that I am, I dropped a falafel ball, freshly covered in yogurt sauce, from my sandwich, onto Junip’s head, and down my shirt. I fished out the ball, but had copious amounts of yogurt sauce in my cleavage, which Juniper proceeded to lick and rub her whole face in. She couldn’t have been happier. Evidently the girl likes Greek.

malt_house1 copy

And just for your viewing pleasure:

junip2.53 copy