I can’t believe I’m writing this post already! Three months. I swear, I can see her growing. Like, right now. It’s got to be at least a millimeter every time I blink. Two days ago I cleaned out her dresser and came across this little outfit, which used to belong to her Uncle Eric, back in the day. And I thought, it’ll be a while before that fits. But this morning I looked at it again and thought, maybe? And not only does it fit, it’s almost too short in the torso, with her diaper. Holy wow.


3months_1 copy

Gettin’ her crazy on in that last one.

She’s becoming quite the little chatter bug. My favorite of her sounds is this breathy little “hi” that occasionally comes out at a moment where it sounds like she knows what it means. She does a pretty close approximation to “yeah” as well. Last week I was hanging out with Drea and asked Junip, “She cray cray, in’t she?” and we got a smiley “yeah” in reply. Ha ha.


She’s also beginning to understand toys, not so much as in something to play with or even hold on to, but at least as something desirable to reach towards. It seems to make the world a more interesting place.


We’ve pretty much transitioned her to the crib. Co-sleeping was the best arrangement for us when she was smaller, but now she’s able to go longer between feedings, and her anxiety about not being held all the time has diminished significantly. In the beginning, I’d move her to the crib once she was asleep, but she’d stir after an hour and totally panic at being alone. Now she’s able to sleep around four hours by herself, and when she does wake she fusses but doesn’t freak out. A good feeding and she passes right back out. We do this consistently at 1:30 and 4am – at least, that is, we did. Last night she slept through both feedings! Nine hours straight! It was too wonderful for me to get my hopes up about it being the new norm, but I’ll take what I can get.



month3_2 copy


Oh how I love this little dinker.