We’re enjoying a gorgeous fall so far – cool mornings, warm afternoons. Drew just planted some mache, endives and kale that we’re hoping to overwinter. The bunnies immediately started chowing on the endives, so the hoops are back up. We’ll need bigger hoops to overwinter them, but we’re planning on using the same basic set up, and just covering it with thick gauge clear plastic. We’ll see if that does it. The rest of the yard has gotten zero maintenance this summer, but is actually looking pretty good. The perennials have filled out nicely.

fall2013_5 copy


We’ve seen an egg a day since Wednesday, but yesterday’s was pink and a little bigger, which makes me think we’ve got a second layer (I’m pretty sure Easter Eggers each just lay one color). Hopefully this week we’ll have a few two-egg-days. They’re making a nice little pile on top of the regular eggs I’d already bought.


And this little Nipper is consistently sleeping through the night! 8:30pm – 5:30am, and then with a meal and a diaper change, she conks out again till 7:30. I am one well rested mama.


She’s been our little cooking mate, too – finally strong enough to sit in her bebepod, which we’ve been popping on the counter. Here she is supervising dad’s gnochi production.



And on a sadder note, Bunk’s not doing so well. We noticed she was losing fur on her belly, so I brought her in and they drew blood, but we haven’t heard back yet. Since then she’s gotten weak and stopped grooming and most eating (she gets down little bits, but not much). She just lies on the bathroom tile throughout the day (maybe because it’s cooler? But it’s not hot out.) Hopefully we’ll find out more soon. I’m trying to collect a urine sample to bring them.


Poor Bunky. You know it’s bad when she ignores food.