Poor Bunk is really sick. She’s about to spend her second night at the vet. They’ve got her on an IV and pain pills, and have been doing various tests, taking blood, x-rays… an ultrasound is next. I haven’t asked what our bill is up to yet; I don’t think I want to know until it’s time to cough it up, since I don’t have the heart to say no. She was looking so awful. She could barely walk, and was just spending the day lying around, sipping water. She hadn’t eaten in two days when we brought her in.

Ugh… I feel just sick about it. Drew said he had a dream last night that she died. He woke up in tears.

She was like this once before, four years ago. They never diagnosed the problem, but she suddenly got better. I’m hopeful that happens again.

Oh, Bunky. Hang in there, little hippo.