Well, the hoops are in and the plastic’s ready to go for our winter hoop houses. It’s been too warm for us to complete the project now (don’t want to fry ’em), but I think it’ll look pretty cool when it’s all done. Hopefully we can continue the kale and broccoli harvest for a few more months, and keep the mache and other baby plants growing. Especially since this little experiment is kind of on display. We’ve had a lot of neighbors asking what we’re doing; it’d be kind of a blow to the ego if we end up with a very public crop failure. Putting these together has been more work than anticipated, mostly for Drew.


The chickens have made an alarming habit of coming up onto the back porch and pecking at Bunk’s cat door. They want in. The door is supposed to lock, but the little plastic mechanism doesn’t work very well, and they don’t appear to be listening when I tell them that if they want to be house birds, they’ll have to wear diapers. The good news is, it’s getting to be cold enough that we haven’t wanted the screen door open as often. Hopefully they’ll get dumber by spring?


And luckily for Junip, Drew has been more insistent about tummy time than I have. She’ll only tolerate it for 30 seconds or so before she freaks, but hopefully soon she’ll start to understand that this position allows for transport, and that’ll give it some allure. In the meanwhile, she’s learned how to roll, but only from belly to back. Girl’s got no motive to roll the other way.

Work has been chaotic but good. Something tells me that’s how it’ll always be, as long as I’m teaching elementary art. The littles just get so excited, and it’s hard to focus that energy. We’ve done some super cute projects, though. I’ll have to do a post on that soon.

In general, enjoying the status quo!