One thing’s for sure: it’s getting easier and easier to snipe smile photos of this little Junebug. She’s now alert and eager for grown-ups to make faces at her, and all you have to do to get that big gaping grin is play her belly like a bongo drum. She still loves the K’tan, but now she will only ride facing out, unless she’s very sleepy. She wants to see the world. It’s hard to have a conversation when she’s strapped on like that, because whoever I’m talking to gets lured into smiles and eye contact with her.

4_months2 copy

She had a solid month of sleeping through the night, and then just this week she started waking up four, five times a night. I’m hoping it’s just a fluke, because I’m beginning to feel like the walking dead again. Every time she wakes I’m up for at least 40 minutes, between changing her, nursing her back to sleep, and falling back asleep myself. So instead of 8 hours of sleep, I’m getting 5 hours, in one hour increments. It’s basically torture.

She’s been easier on Drew, though, as she’s still pretty consistent about napping. That’s been crucial for those days when he works 1-6am and then watches her while I’m at work. Daddy needs his nap.


Her other big development this month has been her use of her hands. She can now nudge her nuk back into her mouth if it hasn’t fallen out too far, and will grab your finger and pull it to her mouth if you give her your hand. She’s not really able to hold onto toys yet, but she loves to squeeze the crinkly pages of her soft books and really really loves to grab and yank mama’s hair. Like, enough that I’m considering cutting it, before I go bald. Also, she has the most eloquent way of playing with her hands while she eats. She holds onto my t-shirt with her pinky raised, tea time style, or drags her fingers over my collar bone in a way that reminds me of a rich lady testing the quality of a fabric. It’s the funniest thing.


I realized I’ve posted a ton of photos of her in this sweater lately. Sadly these will be the last; we learned the hard way it was made of wool. It’s now the dense-est wool sweater a Barbie doll could dream of. Wah wah.